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"When We Were Young"

If you would like to add your thoughts on any of Ralph's performances over the years, Email me your reminiscences and I will add them to the relevant Reviews page.

November 1971, David Burton



David Burton remembers:

I went to see Ralph in November 1971 when he played The Town Hall in Birmingham. I was in my first year at Aston University and I remember that concert because it made an enormous impression on me. There was this chap, all on his own, sitting on a stool in a pool of light on the stage. That was it. Oh, and he had good old fashioned plimsolls on, which he clearly couldn't control because I remember them bouncing up and down as he played. No electrics to speak of ...but electrifying! It was a fabulous evening which I've never forgotten. Now I'm 62 and I'm very excited because I'm going to see Ralph again after 44 years in Bury St Edmunds this October. Can't wait!

I've been to lots of concerts, big and small over the years. There are three that stand out above all others....The Wall live in Dublin, Queen live at Wembley in 1986... which I think was also Freddie's last concert....and Ralph McTell in 1971. Eclectic I know but in his own way Ralph's performance 44 years ago was mesmerising because there were no gimmicks ...he just played and sang and completely entranced that audience.

There you are. I realise that Ralph has had to deal with his own demons from time to time...it would be nice if I could tell him what an impact he had on a young 18 or 19 year old all those years ago!

4 September 2015